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Write.as is a lightweight publishing platform made for sharing your thoughts quickly. Publish text in a variety of shareable formats, from individual articles to blogs.

Private by default

By default, nothing you publish on Write.as is publicly visible. People can only read your article or blog once you share a link to it.


And sharing a link is easy! This what a blog URL looks like: write.as/matt/. This is what a post URL looks like: write.as/3psnxyhqxy3hq.


If you want to get technical, we have an open API, a command-line client, and some source code for you.

Getting started

Ready to start writing? Of course you are. Open up Write.as in a new window.

In that big, inviting space that says Write..., type these words:

If I was queen / king...

My first order of business would be to establish universal basic ice cream
for all of my devoted subjects.

...and explain what you would do as queen or king. Or let a stream of your consciousness flow out. This is a space for your words and nothing else, so revel in that, free up your mind, and type.

Whatever you write will be automatically saved in your browser, so you can leave and return without losing a letter.

When you're ready, click the little paper airplane in the top-right corner. You've just published your first post! Notice that the first line of your post became the title of the web page (shown in your browser's tab). Titles aren't required, but there are a few ways to add one if you decide to.

Sharing your post

Now that you've published a post, it is fully shareable. Just copy the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser, and paste it in an email, chat room, or on social media.

Write.as automatically makes your links look good when shared on sites like Twitter or Facebook, and is great for things like sending a thought that doesn't fit into a tweet. And if you create a blog / account, you can connect external accounts and share even faster.

If you decide not to share a post, that's great too! It won't show up on search engines or any other sites, because we haven't told anyone that post exists. You'll be able to re-read your post any time and edit or delete it from the same device you created it on.

Editing your post

From here, you can continue revising your new post by pressing the Edit button at the top of the page. You can also click the Posts button to see everything you've posted from your current device and delete or edit any one you want.

Up Next

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