Publishing a blog

A blog is the perfect place to write your thoughts over time.

We encourage you to create multiple blogs for the different audiences, identities, interests, and activities you want to keep separate. For example, you can make a personal blog for your friends and a professional one for your coworkers. You can do this as a subscriber (starting at $10 / year), and managing your posts across blogs is super easy.

Create a blog

Creating a blog is as simple as picking a name for it.

As a new user

Pick a name on our new blog page and add a password, email, or both to create your account. Press Create and bam! You have a new blog.

If you'd like to start writing a post first, navigate to the editor. When you're ready, hover over Anonymous at the top of the page, and click New Blog... from the menu. Enter the name of the blog you'd like (e.g. Matt's Travels) or the URL you'd like to have (e.g. matt) and press Create. Boom! Blog built.

As an existing user Available to Casual subscribers and Pro subscribers

Navigate to your blogs page and click Create blog under your first blog in the list. Pick a name and press Create. Pow! Done.

If you aren't a subscriber, this is a great time to upgrade. Conveniently, you can subscribe to our Casual plan here ($10 / year) and create your blog at the same time. Time savings abound!

Customizing your blog

From your blog, hover over Menu in the top left and select Customize. You can:

and much more. Read about everything you can customize next.

Using CSS

We're fond of our design, but who doesn't like a little variety in life? If you know a little bit about the CSS language, you can change your blog's appearance as a Pro subscriber.

Read our full guide to CSS on next.

Posting to your blog

Posting to your blog is just like creating an individual article.

On the web

From the menu at the top of the writer, simply select the blog you'd like to publish to. As soon as you're ready, press the publish button in the top right. Bam! Published.

From Chrome

You can publish directly to your account from the Chrome extension, but not directly to your blog. So to publish to your blog:

  1. Open the extension
  2. Write your thought
  3. Press Publish
  4. Follow the instructions for Moving a post to your blog

On Android

Currently unsupported. Will work in version 2.0, which comes out soon.

On Chrome OS

Currently unsupported. Will work in version 2.0, which comes out soon.

On iPhone / iPad

Currently unsupported. Will work in version 2.0, which comes out soon.

From the command-line

Currently unsupported. Will work in version 2.0, which comes out soon.

Via email Available to Pro subscribers

As a Pro user you can write a post and publish it with trusty ol' email. To get started, visit your blog's customization page (see how above) and copy the email address you find on that page.

Important! Keep this email address secret. Anyone who has it can publish on your blog.

This feature works by converting any email you send to your blog's secret email address into a post.

Your message's subject (if any) will become the title of the published post. From there, the body of your email will become the post. We support HTML (to get technical, we convert it to markdown) and plain text -- but HTML works best.

Note: This feature is still in beta, and we want to hear any feedback you have or issues you run into.

Another way

Can't find a way to publish that matches your workflow? Break out your text editor and start coding! Jump into Publish a Collection Post in the API docs to get started.

Managing posts

You'll do most of your blog management from its home page. Find it on this page if you're feeling lazy, or:

Editing and deleting posts

To edit a blog post, navigate to that blog and press edit.

To delete a post: guess what? Press delete (and then OK if you're sure).

Moving posts off of your blog

Sometimes we don't want a post out in the public anymore. It's natural!

Next to edit and delete on your blog home page, you should see "change to anonymous". Click that and your post will be converted into an individual article that's no longer part of your blog.

Alternatively, you may see "move to..." if you have other blogs on your account (Casual and Pro subscribers). Click that and select either anonymous or a different blog to move it.

Moving posts to your blog

If you're logged in and have already published a post on your account, you can quickly move it to any of your blogs. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your Posts page
  2. Find the post your want to move to your blog
  3. Click Move to [blog name]

How easy was that?