Security is a tool for sharing text online anonymously or under a pseudonym.

How anonymous posting works

When you start writing a post, the web or mobile app saves the content to your device, in a location secure from other website or application access. Once you publish a post, we store that post and generate a unique URL and token for it that only you know. This lets you or anyone with that ID access that post online. It is up to you whom (if anyone) you share that URL with. If you don't share it, only you will see it.

While it's technically impossible for to fully hide your identity, following a few basic guidelines and posting this way will give you the strongest identity protection.

What it protects against

How pseudonymous posting works

You can also create a username. This will let you access the list of anonymous posts you've created from any device, as we allow you to associate them with your username.

An account also lets you create blogs. Each blog you create under a single account is associated with your username, to again make it convenient to access all your writing on various devices and platforms.

What it protects against

What it doesn't protect against